I must still read and study the Catechism daily.

“Yet I do as a child who is being taught the Catechism,” writes Luther in the Preface to the Large Catechism. “Every morning, and whenever else I have time, I read and recite word for word the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Creed, the Psalms, etc. I must still read and study the Catechism daily, yet I cannot master it as I wish, but must remain a child and pupil of the Catechism, and I do it gladly” (LC Pref 7-8). How well it would be with us Lutheran pastors, how well it would be with our church, if we paid more attention to this word and let it become active in our life and in our office! How many false conceptions of Lutheranism would be gone from our own souls, how many prejudices about our church on the part of the world would then vanish all by themselves! Kyrie eleison!

Letters to Lutheran Pastors Vol. 1
Hermann Sasse
p. 67