Orthodox Lutheran Father Quote of the Day

Chapter VII: On the Canonical Books of the Old Testament in Particular

The Psalter:

The Psalter is (1) A theater of the works of God, for the things for which we must watch are exhibited within it. (2) A rich meadow filled with roses, where we gaze at the many lovely flowers. (3) A paradise that has not merely the bare fragrance of the flowers but also the fruits. (4) A broad sea in which lie precious pearls that only those can find who endure its tempestuous storms. (5) The school of heaven in which we speak with God, our teacher. (6) The compendium of the entire Scripture. (7) a mirror of divine grace that reflects the pleasant face of our kind Father. (8) A most careful anatomy of our soul that indicates all the states and affections of the soul and the remedies for those affections.

Johann Gerhard
On the Nature of Theology and on Scripture
p 141


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