Orthodox Lutheran Father Quote of the Day

From Caesarea, let us go to Jerusalem, where there was an apostolic church because the apostles taught in Jerusalem for some time after Christ’s ascension. The bishop of the Church of Jerusalem was Cyril, who is Catech 4, p. 98, clearly lists the canonical books in the same way. He says, “Know well the divine Scriptures, the twenty-two books.” Later, he lists the same books we do, except that the connects Barruch to Jeremiah and adds, “Therefore read these twenty-two, but waste no time with the apocryphal books. Only meditate zealously on these writings that we read with confidence in the Church. The apostles and bishops, leaders of the truth, who gave them to us, are wiser and more scrupulous than you are. Therefore because you are a child of the Church, do not transgress its boundaries.”

Johann Gerhard
On the Nature of Theology and on Scripture
p 91


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