Church Father Quote of the Day

He finished the work of washing their feet and commanded them out of love: “Look, my disciples, at how I have served you and at the work I have assigned you to do! Look at how I have washed and cleaned you; now hurry quickly to the church, and pass through its door as heirs! Tread over demons without fear and on the head of the serpent without being frightened! God on your way without fear and announce my word in the cities! Spread the Gospel to the nations and instill love in the hearts of all! Announce my Gospel before kings and witness to my faithfulness before judges! See that I who am your God have lowered myself and served you so that I could prepare a perfect Easter, and the face of the entire earth could rejoice!”

Hymn on the Washing of Feet

Lent and Easter with the Early Church Fathers
Marco Pappalardo
p 50-51


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