Modern Lutheran Quote of the Day

The command to “call no man your father” is obviously hyperbole. No serious Christian has ever refrained from calling his biological father by some sort of title that means, in essence, “Father”. Nor has any Christian father forbidden his children from calling him “Father” or “Dad” or “Papa.”

What, then, does our Lord command? He commands, in the first place, that we follow those who sit in the seat of Moses. This is about divine offices. When we address any man as teacher, master, father, shepherd, or helper, we do so seeing that these men are serving in offices that God has established and wherein He provides for us. We have earthly fathers and we have earthly teachers, but they are not our true fathers or our true teachers. Yet they are the means by which our true Father and teacher provides for us. Thus, we honor the office and obey.

Thy Kingdom Come: Lent and Easter Sermons
David H. Peterson
p. 54


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