Orthodox Lutheran Father Quote of the Day

Now this pleasure garden is only found in the Christian Church, and therefore Tertullian, Augustine, and others besides call the Christian Church the spiritual paradise. Just as Adam was to dwell for a season in Paradis and afterward be removed to heaven, so whoever wishes to dwell in heaven must confess the Christian Church with heart and mouth in this world. We also have a tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Christian Church. It is the Holy Bible, in which death and life are laid out before us. We also have a tree of life: the cross of Christ with His benefits. Here also we have the great streams of the water of Baptism and the Holy Supper, the true fountain of salvation, running and flowing in the four evangelists. Jesus Christ builds this garden of the Christian Church by His Gospel, the Sacraments, and the cooperating power of the Holy Spirit. 

The Great Works of God
Part I: Genesis 1-3
Valerius Herberger (trans. Matthew Carver)
Meditation 14
p. 141


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