Orthodox Lutheran Quote of the Day



Just like a person, when he is about to die, at times still takes a hungry bit, as it also generally occurs: the older, the more scanty––and, the closer a person is to the end of his life, the more a person seeks to store up supplies for this life––so also it will happen at the end of the world, that the people will be preoccupied with the capacity to gobble up food and get drunk and worry about nourishment. The Lord Christ knows this; that’s why He very faithfully warns His true disciples about not treading along this broad, wide path.

The reason why Christ especially warns about these sins is because many others spring forth from these sins. Wherever there exists gluttonous eating, drunkenness, and worry about nourishment, inordinate manners result: unrighteousness, quarrelsome strife, greed, shameful words, and the like. Consequently, the Lord Christ herewith wants to plug up the well-spring (source) of these behaviors.

Johann Gerhard
Second Sunday of Advent 
trans. Rev. Dr. Elmer M. Hohle


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