Modern Lutheran Quote of the Day

When the new birth takes place, it is invariably wrought by the Holy Spirit. This proposition sounds like a truism. Theoretically, all Christians, with any pretensions to the name Evangelical, would accept it, and yet, practically, it is constantly ignored. Let our faith rest on this, that whether with means or without means, the Holy Spirit is the author of regeneration, simply and absolutely; that the human being can accomplish no part of it whatever. It is not man’s own work, it is not the work of his mind, of his heart, of his will, but it is God’s work in his mind, in his heart, in his will. The power of an adult human being in the matter of his regeneration is absolutely negative. He can resist, he can thwart, he can harden himself, but in and of himself he cannot yield, or consent, or make his heart tender.

Charles Porterfield Krauth
The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology
p. 421


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