Modern Lutheran Quote of the Day

Rationalism has made it a reproach that the doctrine of original sin lies at the foundation of the evangelical system. We accept the reproach as in fact a concession that the evangelical system grounds itself, where alone a just system in regard to human restoration can be grounded; for the first question when disease is to be cured is, Wat is that disease? Is it so trifling as to need no physician? Can a man heal it himself? Will it heal itself simply by the general energy of the system? of is it radical true disease, mortal in its highest order, and remedies of the most exquisite adaptation and potency? To all of these questions, with characteristic simplicity and practical force, our great Confession replies, when it says: “Original sin is truly sin.”

Charles Porterfield Krauth
The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology
p. 406-407


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