Orthodox Lutheran Father Quote of the Day

That our Lord Jesus appears right at the beginning of the Bible is lovely beyond measure. Of course, He does not only appear as the beginning, but also in the middle––everything moves toward Him––and with Him the Bible also conclues. For these are its final words: “Yea, come Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen” [Rev. 22:20-21].

This really is a demonstration and beautiful reminder that the Bible chiefly talks about Jesus. And if it has made this Lord known to us, then it has accomplished its task. Accordingly, since Scripture has its beginning, middle, and end in Jesus, our concerns also should have their beginning, middle and end in Jesus. All our thoughts and utterances should commence, continue, and conclude with Jesus. Blessed is the man who begins with Jesus in his youth by swearing all loyalty to Him in Baptism; then continues his life with Jesus by worshiping, loving, honoring, and praising Him; and finally concludes his life with Jesus, following the example of Stephen.

The Great Works of God
Part I: Genesis 1-3
Valerius Herberger (trans. Matthew Carver)
Meditation 2

p. 32


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