Luther Quote of the Day

23:18. Supply abundant food.

He is describing the true nature of the food and clothing of wealthy Tyre. The people of Tyre are to have food to the point of satiety and a constant supply of clothing. Now that the kingdom of Christ has come, they have made efforts to allocate and distribute all their goods for the use of the poor. They allow themselves not huge outlays and sumptuous meals but moderate ones in keeping with the needs of the body, and they distribute the rest to the poor. Would that the bishops and popes of our time would desist from their display and luxury and not try to be like kings, as when abbots of monks have been made barons.4 In this way the whole kingdom of Christ will perish because of their arrogance, as they neglect the duties of their office and the works of love and withhold their goods from the use of the poor. But this is a disease common to all the ungodly, who are unworthy to come to the aid of the needs of the poor with their goods, because a good work above all requires the initiative and dignity of a person. For not all are worthy to share with the poor; meanwhile they abuse their gifts in a spiritual and a physical way. The godly indeed, satisfied with food and clothing and their lot, bless God and come to the aid of the other brethren. Note the example in the early church, and here the prophet says that they eat to satiety and are clothed “even to old age.” In Hebrew old age is that which endures a long time, longlasting. They partook of the common food and wore ordinary clothing and did not indulge to excess as our ungodly bishops do.

Luther’s Works Vol. 16
Lecture’s on Isaiah ch. 1-39
p. 185


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