Luther Quote of the Day

7. You are all fair, My love; there is no flaw in you.

In my opinion, this is a new paragraph, even though it also belongs to the song of praise begun. For he goes on to speak about the fruit and efficacy of the Word, that is, what this ministry of the Word so often preached among the people effects. It is as if he were saying: “So far I have regarded you in only one aspect, namely, in the priesthood. Now I see that you are wholly beautiful and without fault.” For the Word which is preached publicly the citizens take back to their homes, and from this Word they learn to govern themselves and their families. And the result is that we discover the sure fruits of the Word everywhere, in the church, in the state, and in the household, because like a leaven the Word pervades all the parts, offices, and ranks of the state.

For when we refer this beauty to the Word, it makes good sense. Thus Christ also says (John 15:3): “You are clean through the Word which I speak to you.” And the church today, even though it prays constantly for the remission of sins, is nevertheless utterly pure and without fault, if you keep your eyes fixed on Word, sacraments, faith, and Christ Himself, its Head.

Lectures on
the Song of Solomon

A Brief but Altogether Lucid
Commentary on the Song of Songs
by Dr. Martin Luther

Translated by
Ian Siggins.

p 232


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