Ante-Nicene Father Quote of the Day

But certain disciples of the heretic of Pontus, compelled to be wiser than their teacher, concede to Christ real flesh, without effect, however, on7022 their denial of His nativity. He might have had, they say, a flesh which was not at all born. … Whence came His body, if His body were not flesh?  Whence came His flesh, if it were not born? Inasmuch as that which is born must undergo this nativity in order to become flesh.  He borrowed, they say, His flesh from the stars, and from the substances of the higher world. And they assert it for a certain principle, that a body without nativity is nothing to be astonished at, because it has been submitted to angels to appear even amongst ourselves in the flesh without the intervention of the womb.  We admit, of course, that such facts have been related. But then, how comes it to pass that a faith which holds to a different rule borrows materials for its own arguments from the faith which it impugns?


On the Flesh of Christ

ch. vi


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