Luther Quote of the Day

Then the heretics charged against the Word in great force, with might and craft. Where are they now? They are gone; but the Word remains, and the Christians are still here. In our own time the Turks, the Antichrist, and many sects are tilting against it; but they will gain no more than their predecessors. My advice is: When the Word confronts you, beware and yield. Give ground, and obey in good time; for it must conquer whether you bow gracefully or ungracefully, for we read (1 Peter 1:25): “The Word of the Lord abides forever.” If you choose not to believe this, well, then learn it by experience. The Word has broken the power of this world, which protects idolatry; it has conquered the craft of this world, which defends heresy; it will surely defeat the wickedness of the world, which is now defending both idolatry and heresy. Nothing will prevail against it. This is our present comfort, and it appears that the Word is about to gain the upper hand and prevail; for many plots and schemes have been utterly foiled, and great power and rage have been frustrated.

Psalm • 117

Translated by
Edward Sittler

Luther’s works, vol. 14:
Selected Psalms III
p 11


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