Luther Quote of the Day


But just as, on the one had, He keeps down the disorder of the rabble and, therefore, subjects them to the sword and the laws, so, on the other hand, He keeps down the rulers, so that they do not abuse His majesty, and power according to their own self-will but use them for that peace for which He has appointed and preserves them. Nevertheless it is not His will to allow the rabble to raise their fist against the rulers or to seize the sword, as if to punish and judge the rulers. No, they must leave that alone! It is not God’s will, and He has not committed this to them. They are not to be judges and avenge themselves, or resort to outrage and violence; but God Himself will punish wicked rulers and impose statutes and laws upon them. He will be Judge and Master over them. He will find them out, better than anyone else can, as indeed He has done since the beginning of the world.

Psalm 82

Luther’s works, vol. 13:
Selected Psalms II
p 45


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