Luther Quote of the Day

The kingdom of Christ, therefore, is really this, that He rules in this life and after this life will fully confer righteousness and eternal life. However, He does this in the following way: After we have been baptized and enlightened by the Gospel and have begun to trust and cling to this King, there still remain remnants of sin in our flesh. Innumerable darts of the devil (Eph. 6:16) break forth, evil practices, sects, and weakness, because Christians are negligent in works as well as in the Word and do not wrestle valiantly. Here the throne and office of Christ are most clearly seen, in that He purges out the old leaven and increases His kingdom and overcomes the evil that has grown back again. This is divine righteousness, which continually increases, so that if someone falls, he is raised up—unless he wants to be excommunicated, to have the wrath of God pronounced on him, and to be denied the fellowship that is in Christ. All these things serve this purpose: that faith might increase; that we might grow in the knowledge of God; that our body might be subjected and preserved in chastity, patience, and the other Christian virtues; and that we might fight against the dregs of sin. All these things, however, are the office of Christ.

Psalm 45

Lecture by Dr. Martin Luther
on Psalm 45
Begun in 1532

Luther’s works, vol. 12:
Selected Psalms
p 232-233


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