Modern Lutheran Quote of the Day

First in place, and first in importance among the great documentary testimonies of the Church which came forth in the Reformation, is the Augsburg Confession. The man of the world should feel a deep interest in a document which bears to the whole cause of freedom as close a relation as the “Declaration of Independence” does to our own as Americans. … It is our shield and sword, our ensign and our arming, the constitution of our state, the life of our body, the germ of our being. It is the bond of our union throughout the world, and by it, and with it, our Church, as a distinct organization, must stand or fall. Her life, began, indeed, before it, as the vital point of the embryo exists before the heart and brain are formed., but having once evoked the Confession into which her own life flowed – they live or perish together, as that embryo grows or dies, as the vital organs expand in life or shrink in death.

Charles Porterfield Krauth
The Conservative Reformation and Its Theology
p. 212-214


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