Luther Quote of the Day

We must firmly believe that all persecution, even that spiritual persecution which through Satan takes place in our hearts, occurs for the sake of Christ. For to believe in the forgiveness of sins through Christ is the highest article of our faith. And it is true that whoever believes this article has the forgiveness of sins. Therefore Satan tries so greatly to tear this faith from us. That man sins who follows the thoughts with which Satan plagues us, that one should throw away the hope of the remission of sins. Let us, therefore, not follow the thoughts of our heart accusing us of sin and holding that the hope of the forgiveness of sins does not extend to it. For that would be to follow Satan himself, vexing us not only by means of the princes and tyrants, but also directly through sin and our heart. But we should oppose him with great spirit and say: “You shall not sadden and frighten me at all. For He has arisen from the dead who has commanded me to be at peace. I shall, therefore, laugh and not wail, as you wish it, as though I were alone and without a helper.”

Luther’s works, vol. 12: 
Selected Psalms
p 27-28

The Interpretation of the Second Psalm
by Dr. Martin Luther
Presented Publicly in the Month of March, 1532


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