Luther Quote of the Day


Let us therefore learn to fix our eyes on this King of ours and observe Him, lest we be moved by the noise of arms and of the disturbances which are stirred up. We should decide that when kings, rulers, nations, people, and the whole world set themselves against this Lord, they are dust. But Christ is an immense mountain. He who has this idea fixed in his mind will not be moved by Satan and the attempts of the world. Sects arise and churches are disturbed, “What is that to me?” he asks. “Let the whole world perish, and let Christ remain safe by me. Peace is the most beautiful of all things, but if it cannot be preserved, what is lost except a certain small spark of creatures? In Christ, however, righteousness, salvation, and life eternal remain mine. These are truly good things. Compared with them, the peace of the world and other pleasant things of this life are nothing, for they are uncertain and of brief duration.” We ought to comfort ourselves in this way. Otherwise these material discomforts might move us to anxiety and fear unless we counteract them with spiritual and eternal things. We might grieve and complain as though we were in a great calamity. And from this spark at last a fire would be kindled which would consume and devour Christ in us with all His gifts. 

Luther’s works, vol. 12: 
Selected Psalms
p 15

The Interpretation of the Second Psalm
by Dr. Martin Luther
Presented Publicly in the Month of March, 1532


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