Luther Quote of the Day

The beginning of this psalm therefore serves to instruct us that when the kingdom or the Word of God comes, it comes with a tumult and a furor of kings and princes. Christ shows the reason for this in the Gospel (Luke 11:21, 22), when He says that Satan like a well-armed man keeps his palace in peace, but when a stronger man comes upon him unexpectedly, then he rages and tries everything he can, as also the historians show. For as often as Christ attempts to drive out Satan, what a furor, how many storms agitate those possessed? For Satan hates Christ, he hates His Word, and he does not wish to give way to Him or to give place to the Word. Therefore, when Christ presses close upon him and drives him hard, he is indignant and rages and tries out all his powers. He stirs up kings and princes, popes and bishops, burghers and peasants, so that they oppose the Word.

Luther’s works, vol. 12: 
Selected Psalms
p 9

The Interpretation of the Second Psalm
by Dr. Martin Luther
Presented Publicly in the Month of March, 1532


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