Ante-Nicene Father Quote of the Day

Those, then, that adhere to impious words, and dictate them to others, inasmuch as they do not make a right but a perverse use of the divine words, neither themselves enter into the kingdom of heaven, nor permit those whom they have deluded to attain the truth. But not having the key of entrance, but a false (and as the common phrase expresses it), a counterfeit key (ἀντικλεῖς), by which they do not enter in as we enter in, through the tradition of the Lord, by drawing aside the curtain; but bursting through the side-door, and digging clandestinely through the wall of the Church, and stepping over the truth, they constitute themselves the Mystagogues* of the soul of the impious.

Clement of Alexandria

The Stormata, or Miscellanies

Book 7

ch xvii


*Note: Mystagogue (person who initiates into mysteries). In the Early Church this was a term that used to describe the Bishop because one of their responsibilities was making sure that a catechumen was properly educated before their baptism.


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