Luther Quote of the Day

That we may note what [this psalm] cuts into before it cuts off, [we should point out that] the works of God are threefold.

In a general way, there are all the works of creation. These have been shown to all people so that they might remember them, give thanks and know God, and thus serve their Creator. Indeed, this is the apostle’s argument in Rom. 1:19 f., especially with regard to the Gentiles. Hence even in the old law the saints often refer to these works and bless the Lord in them.

Spiritually, there are the wonderful works shown to the people of Israel in Egypt, for these are the ones the Lord wanted remembered especially, although He later did many other works. These properly concern the Jews that in them they might give thanks to God because of the figure of things to come.

Most particularly, there are the spiritual works of redemption and justification, for these above all have been committed to all Christians. The works of glorification, however, are subsumed under these, because they have not yet been done, so that they can be remembered only in Christ, the Head. These will indeed be the most wonderful.2

But in all of these we must remember not only the good things He offered but also the evils He brought to the evil, so that we may derive hope and love from the good things and fear and hatred of sin from the evils. Nevertheless, since all of them are ordained for salvation and especially the good things are to be remembered, he does not say “so that they should fear” but “so that they should set their hope in God” (Ps. 78:7).

Psalm 76

Luther’s works, vol. 11: First Lectures 2*

Psalms 76-126

p 10-11


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