Luther Quote of the Day

7. They have set fire (by zeal and jealousy) to Thy sanctuary (that is, by stirring up Thy synagog, Thy people against Thee, Christ, their Lord); they have defiled the dwelling place of Thy name. For Thy name was invoked upon the people of the synagog and was present among them. They themselves should have been Thy sanctuary, as they once were. But behold, they have been set on fire and defiled by their masters and Thy enemies. They have said, their whole relationship together (that is, their descendants with them): Let us silence all the festival days of God from the earth (v. 8), that is, “Let us not perform the spiritual solemnites and days in the heart to Christ, who is God.” Not that they call Him God. But the prophet gives that name to Him whom they deny as God, and therefore they offer Him no worship, neither inwardly nor outwardly. And thus they truly abolish all, that is, both festival days of Christ from the earth (that is, from the people of the synagog). He who does not honor Christ does not honor God, and he who withholds from Christ also withholds from God. Hence the whole psalm is properly directed to the person of Christ.

Psalm 74

Luther’s works, vol. 10: First Lectures I

Psalms 1-75

p 443-444


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