Walther Quote of the Day

Bear this in mind, my dear friends, and consider that as ministers of the Gospel it is your duty not only to believe as the Church believes but also to speak in harmony with the Christian Church. Accordingly, before you memorize your sermons and deliver them to your congregations, you must subject your manuscript to a severe critique. You need to determine whether your sermons are according to the analogy of faith and whether you have chosen proper terms throughout, lest you unintentionally destroy where you want to build up. This is of primary importance. That is the reason our Church from the very beginning has declared that it requires its preachers “not to depart an inch” from its Confessions, not to turn aside from the doctrines laid down in them, regarding not only what is taught but also how it is taught.
Law & Gospel: How to Read and Apply the Bible by C. F. W. Walther (A Reader’s Edition)
p 306-307


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