Luther Quote of the Day

But law is law; men talk but do not act. For just as the people of Moses neglected this law and did not support its priests and Levites, so that these men were forced either to leave the Word and worship of God and take up some manual labor or to set up new doctrines and idolatries—for here the people richly supported its seducers and neglected the true shepherds, because they also turned away from the truth to fables—so it happens now too. No one supports the servants of the Word; for want of bread they are forced to leave the ministry and become farmers and ply trades, while the godless seducers have not only been fed but have filled the world with bishoprics and monasteries equal to the wealth of kings and princes. It is a just judgment of God that those who have not given and do not give to the minister of God and messenger of salvation one loaf of bread waste whole kingdoms and principalities on the servants of Satan and the messengers of death.

Luther’s works, vol. 9: Lectures on Deuteronomy 1525

p 140


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