Luther Quote of the Day

And this indeed is how we are from our conception and birth. We are corrupted by original sin, so that we can be accused and found guilty before God in a thousand ways when to ourselves we seem to be completely righteous. And if we ever are proud and do not remain in the fear of God and faith, He sets a huge mass of sins before us—sins of which we were ignorant, as Moses says in Ps. 90:8. Nor is there any other shade with which we may be protected from the wrath and indignation of God unless we say (Ps. 51:1) “Have mercy on me, O God!” And again (Ps. 130:3): “If Thou, O Lord, shouldst mark iniquities, Lord, who could stand?”

Luther’s works, vol. 7: Lectures on Genesis: Chapters 38-44 p 360


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