Luther Quote of the Day

Accordingly, the devil wanted to make a laughingstock of us with his tricks and to blunt our minds and eyes, lest we be able to give attention to this Antichrist, who sits in the holy place (cf. 2 Thess. 2:4). For because of his counsels and lies it came to pass that the Antichrist took his seat in the church, yet not to govern it with divine laws, promises, and grace—for this he could not have done—but to do so in the opposite way. This means that where Christ, by means of the gift of the Holy Spirit, remits sins and frees consciences from sin, death, hell, and the Power of the devil, there, on the other hand, the Roman pontiff filled the world with countless snares and lies before we could be aware of these things or form a judgment about them. For what else does he do while sitting in the temple of God than lay snares with which he takes consciences captive and slays them with his foolish and innumerable laws and altogether unnecessary traditions concerning food, drink, clothing, etc.? And he fulminates and thunders horribly against those who do not obey him and hands them over to the power of Satan.

This indeed is what it means to teach things that are contrary to Christ and the Gospel. For Christ frees us from the might of God’s Law, from the accusation of the Law or the Decalog, and from the obligations of ceremonies. But the pope has said that even hair, food, drink, house, wife, and everything in nature are subject to sin and contaminated unless they have been permitted by him and sanctified by his decretals

Luther’s works, vol. 8: Lectures on Genesis: Chapters 45-50

p 283-284


Luther Quote of the Day

For, as I have stated, if we could believe what an important thing the forgiveness of sins is, even of those sins that still exist and are left in the flesh, namely, that God does not want to impute these sins and condemn us on their account, yes, wants to deal with us as if no sin adhered to us, to crown us with eternal life, and to be our Father, and wants us to be His children and to be saved forever, as is stated: “He who believes and is baptized will be saved” (Mark 16:16)—then we would Finally understand this. For those who believe are saintly asses and foals tied to the vine and drunk with the Holy Spirit.

Thus the saintly martyrs and the saintly maidens Agatha, Lucia, and many others were bound to the vine. They regarded death as a game and sin and hell as nothing. They were completely certain of the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and the best intention of the Father. Even in the midst of death they were joyful and fearless.

Thus they say concerning the exceptionally distinguished martyr Vincentius that when, after first being struck with clubs and later tortured with the rack, he was compelled to go on bare feet through live coals, he said that he was walking on roses.45 In this way he made fun of the savage tortures and laughed at the burning coals and the glowing iron as though it were a game and a joke. All this shows how great the riches of the promise of Shiloh are.

If we believe, then if death must be faced, or if plague, hunger, war, and all the fury of the devil and hell assail, we, too, should say: “I could defecate on you, devil, etc.” This is certainly how the church believes, and it still displays the same stoutheartedness. For this is what it means to be drunk with the wine of the Holy Spirit and to speak of the great works of God in new tongues. And this is also what the prophets looked at, as we read in Amos 9:13: “The mountains shall drip sweet wine, and all the hills shall flow with it.” The kingdom of Christ is a precious rule. He who believes that he has a gracious God as his Father, and that Christ, the Son of God, has abolished death, sin, hell, and the devil, should he not rejoice and exult? Indeed, he should even go through iron mountains and adversities of every kind with a fearless and invincible heart, and he should conclude that everything is flowing with honey, milk, and wine; yes, he should praise God with the height of joy and gratitude, now no longer as one who is mortal but as one who is living an eternal life.

This is surely how we all should feel. For these are the promises in Christ, as Paul says. They do not give a pouch full of gold and silver. No, they give a heart full of joy, of peace, and of a guarantee concerning eternal life. All this we see in the apostles Peter and Paul as well as in the martyrs Vincentius and others who are not disturbed, even though Annas and Caiaphas are angry, and who despise the threats of these men just as the angels in heaven despise them.

Luther’s works, vol. 8: Lectures on Genesis: Chapters 45-50

p 255-256

Ante-Nicene Father Quote of the Day

I wrote down the commandments and similitudes, exactly as he had ordered me. If then, when you have heard these, ye keep them and walk in them, and practice them with pure minds, you will receive from the Lord all that He has promised to you. But if, after you have heard them, ye do not repent, but continue to add to your sins, then shall ye receive from the Lord the opposite things. All these words did the shepherd, even the angel of repentance, command me to write.

Pastor (Shepherd) of Hermas Book First: Visions

Fifth Vision


A Big Snow Fall

Last Monday night through Tuesday morning and again Wednesday night through Thursday, we got quite a bit of snow for these parts dumped on us at once. So what is a family with young kids to do after a big snow fall while it’s still snowing outside? You bundle up the kids in their snow suits, put on some nice warm lined boots, have a shovel in hand, and go outside for a few minutes to play.

Here’s a few pics of the fun that we had.

Here is a poem by C. S. Lewis and a recording of the carol “The Friendly Beasts” by Sufjan Stevens. Merry Christmas everyone!

The Nativity

Among the oxen (like an ox I’m slow)
I see a glory in the stable grow
Which, with the ox’s dullness might at length
Give me an ox’s strength.

Among the asses (stubborn I as they)
I see my Savior where I looked for hay;
So May my beast like folly learn at least
The patience of the beast.

Among the sheep (I like a sheep have strayed)
I watch the manger where my Lord is laid;
O that my healing nature would win thence
Some woolly innocence!
(C. S. Lewis)