Luther Quote of the Day

Jerome relates that when one of the martyrs, bound hand and foot, noticed that he was being dragged forcibly to lust, he bit off his tongue and spat it in the face of the harlot.31 It was certainly a harsh and violent remedy to quench the flames of lust by biting off one’s tongue, but it is clear from this that the evil of lust is exceedingly fierce and is incurable. And it is certainly much harder to conquer flattery and allurements to pleasures than the cross, as Augustine says: “It is more difficult to fight with lust than with the cross.”32 It is a great misfortune to be bound and kept in prison; but there is more evil and danger in a struggle against lust, because here the struggle is continuous and daily, and victory is rare.

Luther’s works, vol. 7: Lectures on Genesis: Chapters 38-44 p 81


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