Romans 1:18-20

18. For the wrath of God is uncovered from heaven upon all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men by whom the truth is being obstructed. 19. For what is known of God is revealed inside of them. For God has made revealed to them. 20. For His invisible attributes, from the creation of the world, has been clearly perceived, that is His eternal deity, so that they are without an excuse.

In verse 18 Paul mentions that the orgē  of God, or the ‘wrath’ or ‘anger’ of God will be “uncovered from heaven upon all ungodliness.” Jesus, the God-Man, in Mark 3:5 (against Pharisees) and God, here in Romans (against ungodliness and unrighteousness), are the only ones who use this type of anger. Every other mention of orgē is used as something that we should avoid, eg. Eph 4:31; Col 3:8; and James 1:19-20

God is the one who punishes those who persecute the church, who obscure the Word of God, who do everything in their power to repress what God says and prohibit others from hearing it and learning it, especially after these same individuals have had God revealed or made known to them. These individuals remind me of the hymn line, ‘though devils all the world should fill.’ 

They are without excuse because God has revealed Himself throughout history and nature, just go outside and take a walk and look at the sheer variety of plant and animal life. God has even revealed Himself in our “natural law,” or the law that is written upon man’s heart, otherwise known as a person’s conscience. God’s revealing is not limited to natural law, it’s also seen in our reasoning skills. Take a watch for instance, we can open a watch and see how complex a watch is with all of the gears and other parts that make it keep perfect time. We also know that a watch has a maker that has made this complex item. Now look at man, who is infinitely more complex than any watch. Does he not also have a maker?

Thank the Lord that He still reveals Himself to us today in His Word, His Sacraments and His Son. 


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