Romans 1:14-15

14. Both the Greeks and the Barbarians, both the wise and the simple, I am indebted to. 15. Hence, with me, I am eager to preach the Gospel to you in Rome.

‘Greeks’ includes those individuals that possessed Greek culture and heritage,  while the ‘Barbaians’ did not have this advantage. The Greeks looked down with superiority upon the Barbarians, who included “Hellenists, Jews, Syrians, Egyptians, Africans in general, Celts, Germans, and others ” (Lenski) for not being as super-duper awesome like they themselves were. The Barbarians were naturally envious of the Greeks and wanted to be super-duper awesome. Then we have Paul who writes to the Romans basically saying ‘I don’t care if you think you are super-duper awesome or not. I’m coming to preach Christ crucified to you.’ 

Status in society doesn’t matter because God gives us what we need in this life. You may be more super-duper awesome than I am (that’s probably a given because a nerd would say super-duper awesome) but because of Christ it doesn’t matter. 


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