Walther Quote of the Day

It is remarkable that despite the difficult and disgraceful situations in which the servants of sin find themselves, they continue to serve with joy and avoid no sacrifice they must endure on its behalf. This seems incomprehensible, yet it is so. Sin is the cruelest of tyrants, and it makes its servants the most accursed of slaves. yet they serve it willingly! The sensual person sacrifices health of his body as well as peace of his soul to indulge in his sins, and for the purchase of a single hour of pleasure, he endures a life of misery. The drunkard also sacrifices his health in pursuing his pleasure, but that often comes at the expense of his family’s happiness, the loss of his good name, and the incurring of the deepest shame and contempt. The covetous person, in order to serve sin, denies himself refreshment and exerts himself day and night, sometimes dying in the process and leaving to his heirs the fruits of is worries. As these examples demonstrate, no one serves a crueler master or lives in such miserable slavey as the servant of sin.

God Grant It: Daily Devotions from C. F. W. Walther p 597


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