Baa Baa’s First Birthday

I would like to thank my wife for her great post on our daughter, Baa Baa’s first birthday that was today. The only changes I made were changing the girls name to Baa Baa, her nickname. Everything from here on down is from her blog. Starting……………. now.
Today my baby turned one year old. This year has flown by and it’s nice to look back at where we were a year ago. Here we are just minutes after our baby girl was born. She was a beautiful surprise – 8 lb 14 oz of adorable little girl. She showed up at 4:02 am after just a few hours of intense and painful labor. It’s a good thing that babies are so snuggly – it sure makes those last few hours of pain go away awfully quickly!

Here’s a proud Daddy holding his girl!

And a tired Mommy checking her out and snuggling her close.
Sleepy girl – Baa Baa had a hard night (and early morning) and now is the time to sleep – by a picture of her big brother.
And here she is today – a little bigger. I think vanity sizing starts a little early – she’s wearing a 3/6m shirt and 0/3m shorts today. I think that’s a little crazy! She does fit in some 6/9m clothes, but shorts are notoriously too big around for her and she crawls right out of them.
She had such fun playing today at church outside. Unfortunately it was quite hot.
It didn’t take long for her skin to start to pink up, so we put both kids in the back of the van to play with the air conditioning on. Then we hurried to finish the gardening and get home.
Baa Baa got tuckered out waiting for lunch. She was so comfy snuggled on Daddy, that she fell asleep.
It didn’t take long for her to wake up. She enjoyed lunch and then started complaining for her cake. Here it is and covered with fresh fruit.
It took her no time to dig right in!
Here’s the full size cake. It was a homemade white cake with strawberry jello soaked in, covered with homemade vanilla pudding and decorated with fruit! We didn’t do the whole cake because we know how bananas turn and the other fruit can dry out. We’ll just add more fruit as we go.
It’s nearing the end. She’s devoured it pretty well.
Near the end, she stopped eating it herself and started feeding me. I can’t complain!
Here’s Baa Baa’s new blanket that I (my wife) made. It’s just a single layer of fleece, but it’s so soft and snuggly. She took it to nap with her and to bed tonight.
Playing with her Daddy – what a goofy guy wearing Baa Baa’s kitty-cat hat! Baa Baa thinks he’s still kissable, though.
Yay!! What a big girl – so sweet, considerate and loving! I wouldn’t change a single thing about her!
Happy Birthday Baby!

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