Crock Pot Chuck Roast

For dinner tonight we cooked a two lb. chuck roast in the slow cooker. We didn’t decide on making this until we went grocery shopping around 10:30, and we didn’t have the roast. Long story short, the grocery store had chuck roast for $5.49 a lb give or take. I ‘m not going to pay that much for a chuck roast. That’s way over priced, like paying $100 to see Bon Jovi over priced. Instead we went to the local butcher, Double J Meats, and bought the chuck roast for $3.99 a lb.. Definitely going back there again, even if it’s only to try their in-store made bacon. 

So we got the chuck roast and threw it in the crock pot with an entire jar of Mezzetta Garlic and Dill Golden Peperoncini’s. That’s it. Nothing else. Set the crock pot to high for about 4.5 hours and the meat was done. It was juciy, had a little bit of a vinegary bite still, but not a lot of heat from the peppers to cover up the meat. The boy loved it. It was great. For the ease of use and flavor this is totally a meal we’re going to make again. 

We served it on rolls with some steamed broccoli and orange bell pepper on the side. Plus we’ve got enough meat to last us for about 3-4 more meals, depending on how we use it. Which is good, because our grocery budget for the rest of the month is like, $3. I’m not joking, it’s really like only $3, unless we find change in the couch cushions. 

Anyway, here’s some pics. If you feel your mouth salivating, don’t panic, it’s totally natural. 

The meat and peppers before the cooking.

The meat and peppers after the cooking.

The meat after it was fork shredded. 


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