Children Books

For the last few weeks Jen and the kids have gone to the Library in town  every Wednesday. They leave with a bag full of books to return and come back home with even more books to read, which on average, is around 20. Jen and I read each book an average of ten times. For those math wizards, we read around 200 books a week to our son. Thankfully, he’s only two, so we aren’t talking War and Peace length here.

Ephraim’s favorite author right now is Mo Willems a former writer for Sesame Street. Bear needs to get his books every time he’s there. He really loves the Elephant and Piggie books, and Knuffle Bunny. It doesn’t matter if he’s gotten one of these series out every week for the last two months, he always wants to read them.  He’s even started to read these books to his sister, which is just an awesome thing to see.


One thought on “Children Books

  1. I used to do that when I as around eight to ten. I brought home about twenty books from the library and sat down on my couch and read them until I finished all of them. Just you wait till he gets older =)

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