Luther Quote of the Day

He who does not rise for the Holy Spirit in the very hour or at the very moment He calls will never take hold of Him, for the Holy Spirit does not return when He has once gone away. Thus daily experience teaches that those who delay never acquire riches and resources. Therefore they will never be learned or great men in the church. For even though it was a poet who said: “He who is not ready today will be less ready tomorrow,”69 his words apply everywhere. I have learned from my own experience that whenever it was necessary to pray, to read, or to partake of the Lord’s Supper, the longer I delayed, the more disinclined I was. Then I felt least fit.

Procrastination is a hidden evil, but it is horribly injurious. The Holy Spirit does not bestow His gifts on procrastinators; He bestows them on those who are prompt, ready, and alert, as the psalmist says: “I am ready, or I have hastened, and have not delayed, have not put off to keep Thy commandments” (cf. Ps. 119:60). Thus in the case of Rebecca the Holy Spirit has commended her speed: “She quickly let down her jar” (Gen. 24:18), and “she ran to tell her mother’s household” (Gen. 24:28).

Luther’s works, vol. 4: Lectures on Genesis: Chapters 21-25 p 297


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