Walther Quote of the Day

Jesus is God’s Son. His resurrection shows, with invincible greatness, that His power did not end in death, which halts even the mightiest in the world. In death, all of our wisdom, projects, and designs come to an end, but not the decrees of Jesus. He decreed it, and His resurrection proved it. A man may rise to the highest positions of power on this earth, being worshipped either by others or by himself, and yet he remains a son of the dust who returns to dust. When death looms, he cannot help himself. Jesus, by contrast, although His human nature allowed Him to die, possessed another nature that could not be extinguished by death. This other nature was powerful enough to build up again, in three days, the destroyed temple of humanity-just as He promised. From the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we see that He is Lord over that king of terrors, death, and in the Prince of life. He is true God and eternal life itself.

God Grant It: Daily Devotions from C. F. W. Walther p 351-352


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