Walther Quote of the Day

If a Christian feels no working of the Holy Spirit’s grace in him, but feels instead the movements of sin and the powerful threats of the Law in his heart, it is exceedingly difficult for him to believe he is reconciled, redeemed, and saved by Christ. In addition, he finds it almost impossible to comfort himself against sin, Law, death, judgment, God’s wrath, Satan, and hell.

What more powerful, comforting, and glorious means can there be to make such a doubting Christian certain than when Christ’s body and blood are given to him with the assurance that he should take, eat, and drink because they were given for him for the forgiveness of sins, his atonement, his redemption that our Lord has effected for all is given to him individually and sealed with the most glorious and certain pledge that is in heaven and on earth.

God Grant It: Daily Devotions from C. F. W. Walther p. 335-336


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