Walther Quote of the Day

Holy Scripture declares often and clearly that God not only permits––He commands–– that whoever can read must read the Bible. In our text, Christ instructs us to ‘search the Scriptures.’ The command is clear that there is no possibility of misunderstanding. And to whom does He address this unambiguous command? Are they the so-called spiritual ones: the high priests, priests, and Levites? Or are they only the learned: the scribes, the elders of the people, the leaders of the Pharisees and the like? No. In what precedes our text, we learn that Christ addressed the ‘Jews,’ that is, the entire people who surrounded Him. Christ demands not only that they read Scripture but also that they search it, that they closely investigate it and seek to learn it with diligence and zeal. According to Christ’s command, all people, even the laity, are to read the Bible.

God Grant It: Daily Devotions from C. F. W. Walther p 321


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