Talkin White Sox Baseball and predictions

Here are my MLB predictions for this year.

NL West: The Dodgers will be in the top spot, but with only 82 wins. If I’m wrong, does anyone really care? Hands down the worst division in all of baseball, that’s include college and high school.

NL Central: There’s no doubt that this division is going to beat itself up over the season, but my pick are the Brewers with 92 wins. If Wainwright was healthy I’d say the Cards,  but their pen is just terrible and aside from Carp their starting pitching kinda sucks and that’s with Dave Duncan working his magic. Pujols and company will offensively keep it close with winning 88 games.

NL East: Dog fight between Phillies and Braves. Despite the (potentially monumental) pitching that the Phillies have, I still put the Braves on top with 94 wins.

NL Wild Card: Phillies with 90 wins.

AL West: Despite Texas winning las year, I’m going with the Mariners at 85 wins. I mean there’s no way their offense is going to be that bad again, plus their pitching is pretty solid with King Felix as their ace.

AL Central:  The Sox with 98 wins. Granted the Twins will make this a dogfight until September. I just don’t think that their pitching will hold up, but I don’t want to count out Gardenhire either. (I tried to be unbiased, it’s harder than it looks.)

AL East: Red Sox (I know the trendy choice) are just really tough to beat on paper with 100 wins. So are the reigning AL East Champion Rays. Don’t leave out the Yankees with their $1 billion payroll either.

AL Wild Card: Toss up between Yankees and Twins. I’m going Twins with 94 wins.

WS: White Sox over Phillies 4 – 2

MVPs: NL: Albert Pujols AL: Adrian Gonzalez

CYs: NL: Chris Carpenter AL: King Felix Hernandez

Where I finish in my friends and family fantasy league: 1st Place…. duh.


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