Luther Quote of the Day

Luther on God’s command to Abraham to sacrifice Isaac in Genesis Ch. 22.

Thus in this unbelievable trial it was Abraham’s sole consolation that he knew he had a command from God. He surely would not have fled from the plague or from many thousands of Turks, because his heart held fast to this confidence: “I believe in God Almighty.” But what are 10,000 Turks in comparison with Almighty God? Therefore he does not delay at this point, but he immediately takes hold of the command and is ready to carry out the sacrifice.

We should learn to understand this power of the Word of God—this power which the Holy Spirit is wont to exalt so much that He makes it greater than every creature, hell, death, and the good and bad angels. Yes, He even makes it equal to God, as it actually is, inasmuch as in Rom. 1:16 Paul calls it “the might and power of God”; and indeed one should feel the same way about the spoken word. Abraham understood this very clearly; therefore he had no doubt that Isaac, even if he were to die, nevertheless would be revived and that his progeny would live on, because God does not permit His command and promise to be of no effect.

Luther’s works, vol. 4: Lectures on Genesis: Chapters 21-25 p 106-107


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