Today was a great day!

After church Jen and I had two members over for lunch, slow cooker pulled beef tacos, followed by us going out for a date at the movies while our friends stayed and watched the kiddos for us. After the movie we stopped at Walmart and bought an egg dying kit and the boy’s b-day gift… his first tricycle. I can’t wait to teach him to ride it when we move in to the house. Then we got home, grabbed the kids and Jen fed the girl. After a few minutes, Terry a fellow LCMS pastor from Denver, his wife Vonnie and one of their kids, came down and treated us to dinner.

It turns out that on Sundays most (non-chain) restaurants in Pueblo that we know of are closed. Five stops and 45 minutes later we finally stopped at Toni and Joe’s Pizzeria that we know is open. We had some salad, tried a few different pizzas that we haven’t tried yet and had some good conversations.

As the post says, today was a great day. A busy, crazy and hectic day, but a good day nonetheless.


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