Fun Day Today

I went up to Denver today and joined a Confessional Study with other LCMS pastors. I was only able to stay for the morning, but based on the small sampling, I pretty sure I’m going to enjoy my time with these fellow brothers.

Jen, Bear and Cat drove up with me. Jen dropped me off then went to Once Upon a Child, a consignment store that pays you when you drop off your clothes instead of after it’s sold. Jen brought with about 180 pieces, cleaned and ready to sell. She picked me up and they only bought 4 pieces for $3.95. After trading for two books that the boy liked, she left with $.95. All is not bad, she now knows what they are looking for and the next time we’re up in Denver, she’ll have the clothes put into sets instead of just folded and put into bags.

After they picked me up, we grabbed some lunch, walked around Park Meadow Mall, grabbed a smoothie, then came home. I love that we were able to relax and just enjoy some family time and that the boy is old enough to enjoy sitting on my shoulders without trying to blind me or make me look like a fish that has a hook in its mouth. I love days like today.


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