Talkin White Sox Baseball and predictions

Here are my MLB predictions for this year.

NL West: The Dodgers will be in the top spot, but with only 82 wins. If I’m wrong, does anyone really care? Hands down the worst division in all of baseball, that’s include college and high school.

NL Central: There’s no doubt that this division is going to beat itself up over the season, but my pick are the Brewers with 92 wins. If Wainwright was healthy I’d say the Cards,  but their pen is just terrible and aside from Carp their starting pitching kinda sucks and that’s with Dave Duncan working his magic. Pujols and company will offensively keep it close with winning 88 games.

NL East: Dog fight between Phillies and Braves. Despite the (potentially monumental) pitching that the Phillies have, I still put the Braves on top with 94 wins.

NL Wild Card: Phillies with 90 wins.

AL West: Despite Texas winning las year, I’m going with the Mariners at 85 wins. I mean there’s no way their offense is going to be that bad again, plus their pitching is pretty solid with King Felix as their ace.

AL Central:  The Sox with 98 wins. Granted the Twins will make this a dogfight until September. I just don’t think that their pitching will hold up, but I don’t want to count out Gardenhire either. (I tried to be unbiased, it’s harder than it looks.)

AL East: Red Sox (I know the trendy choice) are just really tough to beat on paper with 100 wins. So are the reigning AL East Champion Rays. Don’t leave out the Yankees with their $1 billion payroll either.

AL Wild Card: Toss up between Yankees and Twins. I’m going Twins with 94 wins.

WS: White Sox over Phillies 4 – 2

MVPs: NL: Albert Pujols AL: Adrian Gonzalez

CYs: NL: Chris Carpenter AL: King Felix Hernandez

Where I finish in my friends and family fantasy league: 1st Place…. duh.


Walther Quote of the Day

“All people born into this world are filled with this unholy love. Each person, by nature, has a heart that must love, a desire for happiness, and a longing for peace and quiet that he must satisfy. However, as long as God does not alter the heart of a person, that person does not seek his happiness in the love of God and his neighbor. Instead, one seeks it in riches, another in lust, and a third in glory.”

God Grant It: Daily Devotions from C. F. W. Walther p 286

Luther Quote of the Day

Luther on Genesis 22:12  He said: Do not lay your hand on the lad or do anything to him.

“But the text adds an outward distinguishing mark, because it states explicitly that the angel came from heaven. He did not come after the fashion of Satan. God has established a wonderful distinction. The good angels come with terror, that is, with some majesty. Thus Ps. 104:4 calls the angels, or ministers, a burning fire. Consequently, the people to whom they came are frightened. Mary, for example, is very much afraid when she sees the angel (Luke 1:29). The same thing happens in Dan. 8:17. Accordingly, the angels bring with them a certain majesty.

Thus on this occasion the angel came down from heaven; and heaven undoubtedly was opened, a strange light appeared, lightning and fire were seen, and at the same time there was a multitude of angels. Thoroughly frightened by this majesty, Abraham dropped the knife and at the same time the thought of killing. Similarly, the angels appeared on Mt. Sinai with fire and thunder, so that the people were thrown to the ground. Eventually, however, the good angels depart with joyfulness and leave the hearts serene and cheerful. This is God’s procedure when he sends good angels; and by this sign Abraham, too, was reminded that a real angel was there.

But a wicked angel, like a serpent, creeps along softly and gently until he decoys people into smugness and sin. Then he goes away, leaving horrible fear behind.”

Luther’s works, vol. 4: Lectures on Genesis: Chapters 21-25 p 129

Lenski Quote on John 9

One is surprised at the strange ideas that have been connected with this proceeding of Jesus. One is that spittle was considered medicinal; but Jesus uses mud. Another is that Jesus wished to create a delay in order to let the crowd scatter: but no crowd is at hand. Still another is that Jesus meant to give the eyes time to develop sight, since this was a case where the man was born blind; but what about the man born with deformed limbs in Acts 3:2, etc.? Finally, we are told that plastering the man’s eyes with mud was symbolical, adding an artificial to his natural blindness by making him close his mud-plastered eyelids over his sightless eyeballs. This is to symbolize that men, who are by nature spiritually blind, are to be brought to a realization of their sad spiritual condition. Preachers thus often allegorize the miracles of Jesus, because they have no other way of getting anything out of them for their hearers. To turn simple facts, infinitely weighthy as facts, into pictures and allegory is illegitimate in preaching and even worse in exegesis.

R.C.H. Lenski ‘The Interpretation of St. John’s Gospel’ p. 680

*Emphasis mine.


Walther Quote of the Day

“Why does death reign as the king of terrors in the world? It mercilessly takes the child from the cradle and from the mother’s breast. It tears one spouse from the other and the father from his children. Death, from the beginning of time until this hour, ceaselessly stalks among humanity like an angel of vengeance, sparing neither the palace nor the hut, overlooking no one. This is another irrefutable proof that all people, by nature, are sinners and therefore children of death by God’s righteous anger. Moses proclaims: ‘For we are brought to an end by Your anger; by Your wrath we are dismayed. … Who considers the power of Your anger, and Your wrath according to the fear of You?’ (Psalm 90:7. 11).”

God Grant It: Daily Devotions from C. F. W. Walther p 283-284

Luther Quote of the Day

Luther on God’s command to Abraham to sacrifice Isaac in Genesis Ch. 22.

Thus in this unbelievable trial it was Abraham’s sole consolation that he knew he had a command from God. He surely would not have fled from the plague or from many thousands of Turks, because his heart held fast to this confidence: “I believe in God Almighty.” But what are 10,000 Turks in comparison with Almighty God? Therefore he does not delay at this point, but he immediately takes hold of the command and is ready to carry out the sacrifice.

We should learn to understand this power of the Word of God—this power which the Holy Spirit is wont to exalt so much that He makes it greater than every creature, hell, death, and the good and bad angels. Yes, He even makes it equal to God, as it actually is, inasmuch as in Rom. 1:16 Paul calls it “the might and power of God”; and indeed one should feel the same way about the spoken word. Abraham understood this very clearly; therefore he had no doubt that Isaac, even if he were to die, nevertheless would be revived and that his progeny would live on, because God does not permit His command and promise to be of no effect.

Luther’s works, vol. 4: Lectures on Genesis: Chapters 21-25 p 106-107

Today was a great day!

After church Jen and I had two members over for lunch, slow cooker pulled beef tacos, followed by us going out for a date at the movies while our friends stayed and watched the kiddos for us. After the movie we stopped at Walmart and bought an egg dying kit and the boy’s b-day gift… his first tricycle. I can’t wait to teach him to ride it when we move in to the house. Then we got home, grabbed the kids and Jen fed the girl. After a few minutes, Terry a fellow LCMS pastor from Denver, his wife Vonnie and one of their kids, came down and treated us to dinner.

It turns out that on Sundays most (non-chain) restaurants in Pueblo that we know of are closed. Five stops and 45 minutes later we finally stopped at Toni and Joe’s Pizzeria that we know is open. We had some salad, tried a few different pizzas that we haven’t tried yet and had some good conversations.

As the post says, today was a great day. A busy, crazy and hectic day, but a good day nonetheless.