Inglourious Psych

Do I say action flick or character driven drama?

On Friday night at my dialysis treatment I watched the new Tarantino movie on dvd and after a few days of thinking I’ve decided that I’m glad that I didn’t see it in theaters. I feel like I’ve been falsely advertised to by the movie company and Tarantino. Here they make the movie seem like a giant WWII action flick… more Kill Bill and instead what I got was more Reservoir Dogs (which is a good movie, don’t get me wrong). We get it Tarantino your movie knowledge is very extensive but you don’t have to prove it every time you make a movie. I would like to ask for my 2.5 hours back, but I’d just end up wasting them.

So, what would I give a WWII spaghetti western, that has no spaghetti western in it except for the music… (does that really count then? I mean, Kill Bill is more of a spaghetti western… but I digress). I give the movie 4/10. Was it well made it… yes. Did it have good acting… yes. Why the low score… because it was advertised as an action flick when it was a slow moving, snail paced dialogue-heavy drama with spurts of violence and blood. Maybe I would have given it 8 0r 9/10 if they didn’t lie to me in the trailers… is that wrong of me?… on second thought… I don’t care.

Now on to Psych. Starting Monday I’m re-watching Psych in order, from Season One. I need to preface this by saying that this is probably my favorite show on Tv right now. It has witty banter, good characters, funny scenes and good murder mysteries. So, as I’m watching the pilot episode I noticed all of the running gags that first appeared, and here is a list of what I saw:
1. The first time they use a flash-back to Shawn’s childhood.
2. The first fist-bump.
3. The first time Gus says “What!?!.”
4. The first pineapple.
5. The first time Shawn introduces Gus with a different name.
6. The first time that they bounce up and down and get super excited because they found a clue or solved a crime.
7. The first time that Gus runs away screaming like a little girl.


This morning’s service was going to end with a Groundbreaking for the new elevator and stairwell at the church. Unfortunately, the city didn’t pass our plans. I was not made aware of this until about 5 minutes before the service began. So that means we’re going to postpone the Groundbreaking until all of the plans are approved and we can actually begin the construction.

Because of the Groundbreaking, and it being a fourth Sunday, which is a communion service, I decided to wear my clerical today. I was going to wear a gray pinstripe suit with my clerical, but when I bent down to pick up my son to say good-bye, well let’s just say my seam ripped on my pants…. so I switched my pants to a pair of black cotton Express and kept the jacket on.
As for the socks… we’ll I decided to add some color to my outfit and they’re from my Gram. I got them one year as a Christmas gift. She’s Norwegian and gave a theme gift of black socks with Norwegian designs on them. This pair has gold, red and white in the shape of a Norwegian Viking ship… the other pair has a Gray Troll on them.

Fist day back from vacation

If you count the 2 hour-delay last night flying from Denver to Colorado Springs (a 30 minute flight), my wife being pulled over by a cop for not stopping at a Stop sign, and having dialysis last night… I didn’t get home till 5am. (That would be the pickle on the crap sandwich that was my day.) Luckily I was tired enough to sleep through most of the treatment. Which means I wasn’t totally exhausted going into the office today for some much needed work to be done (funeral on Saturday and ground-breaking for the new elevator on Sunday). This is going to be a very busy next couple of days. Plus Jen has to be at the courthouse at 8am for Jury Duty tomorrow morning. I know someone who’s going to be writing a sermon from home tomorrow morning while the boy naps.

Back to today. I woke up and decided that I needed something bright to cheer me up. I chose a new cotton Madras tie I got in the mail ($3) while on vacation. I wore it with my diamond patterned shirt and new brown jacket. Here’s some pics. (Note: no pics with the jacket, it got to hot by lunch so I went the rest of the day without it.) Yes it did help brighten my day… either thar or my Bible Study this morning… probably the Bible Study, but that’s a post for another day.

Seamus McDaniel’s a.k.a. Heaven in a Bun.

I know, I know it’s been a couple days since my last post… a week actually. I was on vacation with the wife and kid to St. Louis then Chicago to celebrate the little guys first birthday with the rest of the fam. Our first few days we were in St. Louis. My dude friends and I went to the Cards game on Friday night, saw a Grand Slam (awesome) then had some Ted Drewes Frozen Custard (even awesomer), all while the lady folk partied hardy with the kiddies. The next day we all went to the zoo, which is always fun and best of all, it’s free.

The best food we ate hands-down was Thursday night. My undergrad roommate, my band tour partner (2 different and awesome friends), wife, kid and I went to Seamus McDaniel’s. As the title says, ‘Heaven in a Bun’. It is without a doubt one of the best burgers that you can ever buy. Hand-formed angus beef burger, cooked medium rare, topped with a ton of blue cheese and there’s no frills. You get meat, cheese and bun. For extra you can get bacon or mushrooms. For appetizers we ordered the fried cheese half and half (half mozzarella and half pepper jack). Dollar for dollar nothing in St. Louis is as good as Seamus.
Now I know some will disagree with me and say that Blueberry Hill is better, some might even say Hardee’s (which is just sad and wrong!). If I could only eat one burger till the day I died, it would be Seamus. The first time I tried this burger over 7 years ago now, I could swear that I heard harps and choral music. If I could marry a burger and make a family of mini burgers… that might be going a bit too far, but you get the idea. Going to Seamus makes Jen and I miss St. Louis and remember fondly our five years that we lived there while going to Seminary.
Here’s some pics.

Final day before vacation.

There I was this morning and unsure about what to wear. Then I remembered that I wanted to wear another freshly dry cleaned and pressed suit, especially since I won’t be wearing one again for a week. This one is a three button in dark charcoal by Hagar. It’s a poly/wool/lycra blend. With the warm weather coming in, it wasn’t that hot, plus the lycra gives it a little stretch when I move. After wearing it for one day, I’m hooked. This is going to find it’s way into my normal rotation… mainly because I look good in it and feel good in it.

I wore my Lands End green oxford button down colar that I got for $3 with the tie I bought yesterday.

I think the tie goes well with the shirt. They compliment each other well, while still keeping the focus of the outfit on the tie.
To top things off, or should I say bottom things off, I decided to wear lavender socks with white diamonds and my black leather oxfords. What can I say… I’m a rebel.

Spring time is here.

We’ve been having some beautiful weather here in Pueblo. Yesterday I went on some visits and enjoyed the ‘Springy’ weather as much as I could. Today I did a visit and some office work followed by going to my son’s ‘wellness check-up’ at the doctor. Afterwards we stopped at our favorite local thrift store New Horizons. I told myself that I don’t need anything…. then I saw the tie and the shooting jacket… you be the judge on if I should have bought them. Here’s a hint: I did.

I wore this yesterday for my shut-in and nursing home visits. It seemed like a nice ‘Springy’ outfit. It’s a Van Heusen shirt in a pinky purple with a satin blue tie and my Brooks Brothers stretch sack suit in navy. My wife took the pic when I was looking at our son playing on the floor next to me.

This is what I wore today. It’s a brownish-gray 2 button number. I just got this suit back from the dry cleaners yesterday. In my humble opinion; nothing feels and fits as nice as a freshly cleaned and pressed suit. I’m a firm believer that if you find a suit that you like and that looks good on you, you find excuses to wear it. Case in point, I woke up this morning and said, “I’m doing a nursing home visit, I’m going to wear one of my new suits.”
For some color I decided on the bright red, blue and white tie. I think it works.
I was in New Horizons today and saw this little Shooting Jacket (at least I think it is). There’s no tags or markings anywhere, not even a sizing, so I don’t know who made it. I decided to try it on and it fits great. My wife and I think it’s suede. Plus, who could really pass this up for only $2.50
Then I opened it up and the lining has hunters, dogs and horses. This can be summed up in one word ‘Awesome.’
Finally, I found this silk tie by Belisi for $4. I like that it’s simple, but bold.

Green Chile—Pueblo’s signature dish.

The Travel Channel is coming to Pueblo, CO next week. They’re filming an episode of ‘Food Wars’. From the article the show sounds interesting. The host goes to different locals and through taste tests, they determine who has the best whatever at wherever. They’re going to be in Pueblo testing the amazing ‘slopper’. For those don’t live in Pueblo a slopper is a burger smothered in a pork and green chile stew. Green chile is made from locally grown and roasted Pueblo chiles. They are like super spicy Anaheim chiles. Then they slow cook pork, spices and those roasted chiles to make a fantastic stew that can’t be found anywhere else. I have a member that makes a batch for every soup supper and you need to bring with tissues, because at the end you’re crying.

Our (slightly biased) choice is Gray’s Coors Tavern. They give you either a single, double or double-double. The burgers are chargrilled, put on an open-face bun, topped with cheese, Pueblo green chile, more cheese, onions and fresh french fries. You can’t beat it. My wife says it’s too spicy, but she’s an admitted wimp when it comes to spicy food.

We’re planning on going to the Taste-test challenge next week, 4:30 to 9 p.m., Pueblo Union Depot. Obviously we won’t be going for the whole thing, with having a one-year old and all. But it should be lots of fun.

A copy of the Pueblo Chieftain’s article can be found here.