Baseball Season

I love baseball. I could wax eloquent about the sport of inches, but alas, I’m not going to. To save you the trouble of guessing, I’m a huge White Sox fan, and my wife is a huge Cards fan. We are a mixed marriage where both parties can agree that the Cubs are terrible. But enough about that.

I’m writing this because Monday night I had my yearly tradition of getting ready for the upcoming season. I watched Major League. Yes the movie with Tom Berenger (when he was a box-office caliber leading man). The movie that helped make the careers of Charlie Sheen and Wesley Snipes. The movie that had Corbin Bernsen (from Psych) when he had hair… at least I think that’s his hair.
Is it one of the greatest movies ever made? By all means, no. But it gives me hope that if this team of misfits, never-will-be’s and has-beens can win, then my Sox have a chance as well… or at least a better chance than the Cubs.
My prediction for this season: 90 wins, relying heavily on pitching and small ball in the post-season, and a sweep of the Dodgers in the World Series.

Haggar suits

Last week I bought lot of Haggar suits on ebay. It was a total of 6 suits, 12 jackets, 2 pairs of pants and a vest. All of this, plus shipping, for under a ridiculously low $300. (*Note: I’m pretty sure I got this from a minister in Florida who passed away… or retired. Some of them were probably only worn once or twice.) Here are some pics of the vest, suits and jackets that I decided to keep. The rest we’re going to re-sell and see if we can get close to breaking even.
In the following pics. I’m wearing my favorite white button up dress shirts. It’s a Kenneth Cole Reaction club collar that I got at a thrift store in town a couple of months ago for under $4.
*Second Note: Here’s a sampling of the items that I bought. I would have liked to upload pics of all the items, but our internet connection has been poor lately. So, I guess these will have to do.

Do my eyes deceive? If you said that was a black blazer with brass buttons you would be correct. The top button is missing and I don’t like the brass buttons in general on a black jacket. I think there’s just something off about it, but I like the way it fits and looks so I’m going to replace the buttons with one’s that I like, leather sounds nice… so do wood. I’ll let you know when and if I get around to making those changes.
Here’s a nice medium weight, multi-colored jacket.

Now I have a brown jacket as well.
Here’s a medium weight, wool/poly blend suit with some lycra for stretch. As you can see it’s three buttons. Now I have a solid dark charcoal suit that isn’t double-breasted to wear to work.
So all in all I think I got a pretty good deal on suits that will work well for work or going out. What’s a good clothing deal that you got? Is it better than mine?


I decided to start an open blog which is separate from the blog my wife and I write for our family. On here I’m going to write about whatever catches my fancy. This can range from the food that I cook to the clothes that I buy at thrift stores, religious articles (I am a Lutheran pastor after all) to the video games that I play.

Hope you enjoy reading what my meandering musing mind comes up with. I know I’ll enjoy writing.